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Can generate a response whose content can be personalized. It can be taken from a text entered in a dialogue box, or from a Static-Content profile.


  • Status: the Status of the response

Status 200 has no default content; thus the next parameter, Use default content, will not be configurable, and a content must be specified.

Statuses 204 and 304 allow no content in the response, and thus the parameters having to do with the content will not be configurable with these statuses.

  • HTTP/1.0: Specifies whether the response uses the HTTP/1.0 protocol (in place of HTTP/1.1, the default).
  • Use default content: Specifies whether the content of the response is the default (Yes) or is configurable (No). The default content is the content generated by Apache.

If the default content is used, the following parameters will not be configurable:

  • Use static content: Specifies whether the content of the response comes from a static content (Yes, configurable via profile) or from an entered text (No, the default).

Configuration with Static-Content

  • Static Content: the Static Content Bundles profile to use
  • Static Content Path: The path for detecting the resources to be used. This path can be a dynamic expression or a static definition. Examples: If the resource is “logo.png” and its Path is “/images/”, the resource will be accessible on the URL “/images/logo.png”. The variable can be defined with the value “/images/logo.png” or else ${http.request.path} (which is the default value). The second solution allows resources with different Paths to be defined.
  • Static Content Fetching: Defines the method used for extracting the content of a Static Content Bundle. Now causes the content to be used immediately. In this way, the new resources can be used immediately in the continuation suite of the Workflow. Never and Auto perform the extraction when the resource is used explicitly.
  • Not Found Status: the return code used if the resource is not available

Using the Static Content Fetching parameter with the value Now can generate heavy resource use during processing. We recommended using Auto.

The response generated contains the Content-type defined in the Static Content Bundle. If the display does not correspond, make sure that the resource has the right Content-type.

Configuration without static-content

  • Content Type: the type of content (Content-Type header)
  • Content: the Content of the response