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The "Log Management" section lets you manage logging functions. The entries in the tree structure are created automatically when the object is created. You can also generate a general report on the activity of one or several i-Box(es). This report condenses information from the log files on the Tunnels existing at the time it is generated, along with information on the breakdown of attacks.

The lower panel is not refreshed automatically. Click the green button at the lower left to update its contents.

Deleting logs

If an entry is grayed out, the source has been deleted. In that case the entry can be deleted.

Managing logging

Modifying or using a Custom log format can alter or prevent creation of the report.

A Log Rotation Profile can be selected from the proposed list and configured with creation of log files:

Configuring a Profile

  • Daily
  • Every ten minutes
  • Every hour
  • Weekly

The blue Options button lets you create a new Log Management Profile. For example, you can choose rotation by size rather than by date.

Files can have a hash and be encrypted and/or compressed.

Log Rotation Profile

Here you can add a personalized log rotation profile.

  • Rotation Type: The criterion that will start rotation. This can be a maximum duration (By Frequency) or size (By Size).
  • Rotation Frequency: When the type is "By Frequency", the maximum duration of a log file before it is rotated.
  • Maximum file size (MB): when the type selected is "By Size", the maximum size of a log file (in MB) before rotation. Maximum file retention: The number of files that are kept. The oldest file will be deleted when the threshold is reached.
  • Hash: Generates an MD5 or SHA1 hash of the file when it is rotated. This is a way guaranteeing the integrity of the archive.
  • Enable Encryption: Encrypts the file when it is rotated, using the key configured in "Password". The encryption tool used is ccrypt (Rijndael / AES encryption).
  • Password: The encryption key when the Enable Encryption option is selected.
  • Enable Compression: Compresses the file (in GZIP format) when rotated, following encryption if applicable.