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Response nodes are used when we want to display a specific response to the user.

When creating a sub-Workflow, it is placed in one of the available categories.

The “Response” category is a particular case. Nodes corresponding to a sub-Workflow and placed in the main Workflow are not “terminal”. Depending on their positions in the main Workflow, they will inevitably reach the “Proxy Request” node.

Take the example of a sub-Workflow with a “Generate Response” or “Redirect” node, used in a Workflow and placed before a “Proxy Request” node. In this case, the action of the “Generate Response” or “Redirect” node will be without effect. That is because the value of the “Response” category is that it lets us study the response that is generated.

E.g.: I created a sub-Workflow that contains a Redirect node, but it won’t work.