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This part is used for updating products with update files (extension.rse) downloaded from

Before performing an update, it is recommended to:

  • Refer to the Release Note to know behavior changes. Its address is specified in the description of the RSE
  • Generate and save a backup of the cluster configuration

After an update, it is strongly advised to run an apply of the whole cluster configuration with a cold restart of Reverse Proxies.

N.B.: To install a security update file, upload the security update in Policies > Security > Security Updates.

Installing an update

Click “Upload” to add a file from the list shown in the exploration panel at right.

When you click on a version, its details are displayed in a panel below the list of available updates.

If you have previously selected an appliance you want to apply the changes to, a list of the patches and modules already installed is displayed. To apply the update: Click the “Install” button. If an update has already been installed, the interface offers to remove it with a click on the “Uninstall” button.

The “Remove” button removes the selected item from the list of available updates.

The i-Box will reboot automatically during the installation process, and the Administration Interface is disconnected. Therefore you should expect an interruption of service (between 30 seconds and 10 minutes depending on the hardware) while the server reboots.

Updating an i-Box cluster

When a Management i-Box and one or several managed i-Box(es) need to be updated, the Management i-Box must be updated first.

All the i-Boxes in the cluster must be updated to the same minor version (for example with 5.5, the combinations 5.5.0 and 5.5.1 are possible) before Applying the configurations.

The Management i-Box must always have the highest version in the cluster of i-Boxes.

Accessing installation logs

The button "Install logs" displays the installation logs for the RSE (update). It can be used to verify that the installation process was successful.

After selecting an update, a list of the i-Boxes with that update installed can be called up with the  button.