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The backup view lets you manage backing up and restoring the configuration. The following actions are available:

  • Create: creates a backup from a tree diagram of all the resources present on the cluster of DenyAll products. It is possible to select and deselect several resources at once. Once the backup is created, a file appears in the list of available backups.
  • Upload: uploads a backup to restore. It is possible to upload DenyAll WAF 6.X backups (.backup), i-Suite 5.X backups (.backup) or rWeb backups upper to (.bck).
  • Download: downloads a backup.
  • Restore: restores a backup. It is possible to restore only part of the backed-up resources by using the right mouse button to specify the destinations for the different objects. However, dependencies between objects must be respected; they will be shown in red as long as they are not satisfied. During restoration of an object already existing on the cluster, you can overwrite the existing version or create a new one.

The wizards comprise four areas:

  • At the top, the name of the backup.
  • At the left, a tree diagram of the structure of the Administration Interface. It is used to filter the list of principal objects.
  • In the center is the list of objects that can be backed up.
  • At the bottom is a list of the selected object's dependencies. There are two types of dependencies:
    • “Parent”
    • “Reference”
  • When using the Restore button, the “Filter displayed items” area lets you filter the list of items displayed

In the dialogue that opens when “Restore” is clicked, a “Wizards” button allows an entire i-Box to be restored. The Wizards handle mapping of the i-Box’s network interfaces.

There is a Configure dependencies Wizard and a Configure selection one. They let you choose the default behavior for pre-selecting dependencies – that is, automatic selection of objects the object that has just been selected is dependent on.

i-Box restauration

 The parameters set in the i-Box objects are not activated by the Apply. Therefore, when i-Box is restored, the apply of the the i-Box parameters (SSH, DNS, ...)  is done by opening the edit window of the i-Box (Modify) and confirming (OK).

Backup / Restore: How long ?

A Backup / Restore of nearly all objects is fast, but there are a few objects for which the operations are long :

  • WAM Users
  • WAM Groups
  • WAM User Credentials
  • Console Users