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These groups of files define the schemas used to control an XML message. They are used by the XML Schema Validation node.

A control mechanism resolves dependencies between uploaded files; the files marked in red are those whose dependencies are not satisfied.


  • File: Selects the file to be uploaded to the appliances.
  • Name: Enter a name in natural language. If not filled in, the name of the file will be used.
  • Comment: Text-entry area for entering comments about the file.

A group of XML files can be uploaded at the same time via the Zip upload button.

Validate XML

This tool lets you manually verify the conformity of an XML file compared to the selected WSDL or XSD schema.

Zip upload

Imports several XML (XSD, WSDL) files in a ZIP archive file.

  • Update existing XMLs: When this option is enabled, replaces files with the same name with the versions included in the ZIP file.
    The correspondence between the file included in the ZIP archive and the file existing on the i-Box is achieved by comparing, first, the name of the file included in the ZIP archive (including its extension and path) with the “Original Name” fields, then, if no correspondence is found, the name of the file with its extension and without the path is compared with the “Name” fields.

When the Update existing XMLs option is not enabled, files included in the ZIP archive that correspond to XML files already present are ignored.

  • Use full file path: (since v5.6.1) Includes the path of the file as it exists in the ZIP. If this option is disabled, only the name of the file is taken into account.