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Extracts part of the data in an XML document located by an XPath expression.


  • Display name: The name of the node as it will appear in the Workflow. Replaces the term “XML Get”.
  • XML document: the attribute that contains the XML document (already supplied by the XML Parsing node)
  • XPath expression: the expression used for locating the part of the document to find
  • Provided prefix is the prefix for the three attributes provided by the node; if the default value is xml.get, then the three attributes provided are xml.get.table, xml.get.failed and xml.get.error.
  • The “xml.get.table” attribute is a table containing the keys/values resulting from parsing the Xpath expression.
  • The “xml.get.failed” attribute is a Boolean showing whether an error was raised.
  • If there was an error (“xml.get.failedTrue), the “xml.get.error” attribute contains the description of the error and the “xml.get.table” table is empty.


If the xml document to be parsed is:


<child1> this is the child1 node
<child1.1 key1 = "value1" key2 = "value2"> this is the child1.1 node
<child2> this is the child2 node
<node2 a = "b" c = "d" e = "f">
<child1.1 key3 = "value3">
<child2> this is the child2 node

and if the expression is:


then the table would be:                                

xml.get.table["racine"]["node1"]["child1"]["child1.1"]["key1"] = value1
xml.get.table["racine"]["node1"]["child1"]["child1.1"]["key2"] = value2
xml.get.table["racine"]["node1"]["child1"]["child1.1"]["."] = this is the child1.1 node
xml.get.table["racine"]["node1"]["child2"]["."] = this is the child2 node
xml.get.table["racine"]["node2"]["a"] = b
xml.get.table["racine"]["node2"]["c"] = d
xml.get.table["racine"]["node2"]["e"] = f
xml.get.table["racine"]["node2"]["child1"]["child1.1"]["key3"] = value3
xml.get.table["racine"]["node2"]["child2"]["."] = this is the child2 node%%

Note: When the data to be extracted is TEXT (including CDATA), the key is a dot (“.”).