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Verifies that the signature of a document is valid for the document.

N.B.:Using this node requires the XML Firewall license option.


  • Display name: The name of the node as it will appear in the Workflow. Replaces the term “XML Signature Verify”.
  • XML Document: The XML document to be verified. This type of object can be created via the XML Parsing node used upstream.
  • Key Store: The keystore profile containing the keys
  • HMAC Key : HMAC key used if the algorithm is HMAC.
  • Id Tags : Id tag to use (if "xml:id" is not used).
  • Strict Certificate Check : If "Yes", the certificate signature has to be trusted to verifies the signature.
  • Search for signature in whole document: If “Yes”, the node will look for the signature in the entire document; if “No”, the user will have to enter an XPath with its namespace profile to show what XML node to start the search for the signature from.

Provided Attributes

  • xml.signature.valid: Indicates the validation status. This attribute is set to True if the validation succeed.
  • xml.signature.verify.nb_nodes: The number of encrypted elements. The value of this attribute is 1 when an entire document is encrypted; it can be greater when an XPath expression selects several XML nodes.
  • xml.signature.verify.err_message: Contains the error message if processing fails.
  • xml.signature.verify.failed: Indicates the status of processing. This attribute is set to True if there is an error.

Use cases

Implementing a SAMLv2 Service Provider

Connecting to a SAMLv2 Service Provider XML Signature Verify