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N.B.: Using this node requires the WSF license option.

Extract a JSON attribute entry.


  • Display name : the name of the node as it will appear in the Workflow. Replaces the term “JSON Attribute Get”.
  • JSON Attribute Name : JSON attribute that contains the value to get.
  • JSON Pointer : value of JSON Pointer used to extract the value. 

    JSON Pointer is a standard syntax (RFC6901) used to select a value in a JSON Doc. A JSON Pointer points a single value.

    A JSON Pointer is a list of 0 to n token, each prefixed by /. Each token can be a character string or a number. See some examples.

  • Ouput JSON attribute Name: JSON attribute name provided by the node and that will contains pointed value.

Required attributes

This node requires no attribute.

Provided attributes

This node provides a JSON attribute that contains the recovered value.

This node also provides "json.failure" and "json.err_message" attributes. The "json.failure" attribute (Boolean) will be set to "trueif a processing error occurs. The "json.err_message" attribute will then be filled in to provide a message about the error that was raised.

When a processing error occurs, the provided JSON attribute will be null (corresponding with a JSON empty type).

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