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The Security Updates view lets you update the default ICX patterns and install the latest versions of security patterns (.dsu) available on space.

When uploading a security update, only the default and strict ICX configuration will be updated. Custom ICX configurations will stay unchanged, but it is possible to update them by using the Update button, to ensure that they use the most recent versions of the security patterns.

To update security patterns, upload the new update using the Upload button.

Notes about security updates :

  • The DSU (DenyAll Security Update) file contains all newest security patterns and also all oldest patterns until the version 3.11.
  • If the update provided includes new security rules, or a change in the structure of existing rules, they will not be added to your security policy. To use the new filtering policy, you will have to create a new policy based on the default policy. Then copy/paste your positive rules one by one from the old security policy to the newly created one. Finally you must update your Workflows so that they use the newly created ICX policy.

  • The Update operation on an ICX configuration, will update only the patterns used by that policy. It will not modify that policy’s filtering configuration.

The Set as Default button allows to switch default ICX configurations to a previous version.