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This node provides the country code (two letters; example: FR) and country name corresponding to the source IP address of the request. This IP/country relation is handled by the GeoLite library provided by MaxMind (, whose database is updated at the same time as the WAF versions.

This node is a sub-Workflow that can be viewed.

This node has no parameters, but requires that the Tunnel: Advanced Enable Geolocation parameter be enabled.

Provided Attributes

  • geoip.code: two-letter country code. Example: "FR".
  • Full country name. Example: "France".

Example that blocks requests from anywhere but France (FR):  Workflow_GEOIP_control.backup (Warning: In this example, local IPs will be blocked too.)

The following command can be used to test the Workflow:

curl -H "X-Forwarded-For: <IP_TO_TEST>" http://<TUNNEL_IP>/


The database can be updated by following the procedure described on the Global Settings page.