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The Licenses view displays the licenses for each Box.

In this area, you can use the Upload button to add the license or the View button to display a particular license.

Licenses are available on your space. To obtain a license, see the following page: Request and assign a WAF license

View of licenses:

An apply Box is required after uploading an new license in cluster.


Serial is the unique identifier of the license and it is directly linked to the unique identifier of the box.


R&S®Web Application Firewall – two editions to meet different needs

Since the release of 6.5.2, R&S®Web Application Firewall is available in two different versions or 'Editions': Business and Enterprise to address different use cases with the right capabilities.

Business Edition is the entry-level solution, run on less powerful appliances/virtual machines with limited core security functionalities (Generic patterns-ICX, Heuristics via Scoring List and API Security based on JSON / XML).

Enterprise Edition is essentially ‘Business Edition’ with extra features that advanced and enterprise users are likely to want to take advantage of: complementary security engines, available with Advanced SecurityExtended API Security to protect API-based custom applications & Machine-to-Machine communications. Comprehensive Analytics & Reporting as well as Web Access Manager optional modules are only available with Enterprise Edition.

IP Reputation is an optional service available with both Editions.

It is not possible to deploy different editions in the same environment.

Dedicated management

On cluster configurations with more than two boxes, it is required to configure a Management console based on a high performances specific configuration. Such configuration are provided with licenses flagged as "Dedicated management console".

If your cluster has more than two boxes, you must have at least one box with this flag, if not reverse proxy and tunnel apply will be blocked.

Allow managed

This option specifies the number of managed boxes your management box can control.

If your cluster has more than two boxes, you must have at least one box allowing to control that number of manager, if not reverse proxy and tunnel apply will be blocked.


Modules represent groups of features that can be enabled according to the license.



Workflow node(s)
Security enginesActivate basic security engines nodes in the workflowICX Engine, Scoringlist Engine, Normalization Engine
Advanced security enginesActivate extended security engines nodes in the workflowBlacklist Engine, Adv. Detection Engine - SQLi, Adv. Detection Engine - CMDi, Adv. Detection Engine - XSS, Adv. Detection Engine - Path traversal, Cookie Ciphering, Cookie Tracking, Cookie Virtualization, Sitemap Validation, Learning Log, SWF - Security Engines
API securityActivate basic web services nodes in the workflowXML Modify, XML Parsing, XML Get, XSLT Apply, JSON Attribute Get, JSON Attribute Set, JSON Attribute Unset, JSON To Table
Extended API securityActivate extended web services nodes in the workflowXML Decrypt, XML Encrypt, XML Signature Verify, XML Sign, XML Schema Validation, JSON Schema Validation, JWT Generate, JWT Parsing
WAMActivate SSO (Single Sign-On) module and WAM nodes in the workflowWAM Application Access, WAM Perimeter Authentication
Distributed datastoresActivate the possibility to use Distributed datastores to replicate data in the cluster
IP reputationActivate the IP reputation node in the workflow and the Webroot database updateIP Reputation
GeolocationActivate the Geolocation node in the workflow IP Geolocation
Analyze & Reporting

Activate the Kibana interface for metric visualization and report generation


Reverse proxyMaximum number of reverse proxies
TunnelMaximum number of tunnels
Max clientMaximum number of clients. The number of client is counted for each reverse proxy according to the used reverse proxy profile


Maximum number of CPU cores/threads
MemoryMaximum amount of memory in GB

View of one license:

For more information, we invite you to contact the Rohde & Schwarz support.