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Release date: 02/02/2017

Revision: r37843

This version is a maintenance release of the Long Term Support (LTS) v5.5. The OS has been upgraded from the former Debian Squeeze 32 bits on version 5.x to a Debian Wheezy 32 bits in version 5.5.11 which is required to install version 5.5.12.

ICX rules behavior

The fix for "[DA-724]:  Double conditions on same element in an ICX rule doesn't work” can lead to a behavior change with some ICX exception rules. Previously, a rule with several conditions on the same field matched as soon as one of the conditions was true whatever the selected ‘Match’ type (‘Any’ or ‘All’). In i-Suite 5.5.8, for the Match type ‘All’, the rule will match only if all conditions are true regardless the type of fields.


C1 is a condition on field A,
C2 is a condition on field B,
C3 is a condition on field B.

R1 is a 'match All' rule with C1, C2, C3.

Before 5.5.8, R1 = C1 AND (C2 OR C3)

In 5.5.8, R1 = C1 AND C2 AND C3

In 5.5.9, the previous behaviour was reintroduced, it corresponds to the 'All fields' match type ([DA-3490]).

OpenSSL weak ciphers no longer supported

i-Suite 5.5.12 has the last version of OpenSSL. Since OpenSSL 1.0.1s, weak ciphers are no longer supported. Update can't be done if weak ciphers are not removed from all SSL Cipher Profiles.

Removed Ciphers:


We also remind that TLS clients are rejecting handshakes with DH parameters shorter than 1024 bits (since OpenSSL 1.0.1r).


Security and Component's update

  • Kernel to 3.16.38
  • OpenSSL to 1.0.2j
  • Lib krb5 to 1.14.4

Resolved problems

Bug criticality indicators

(error): Serious, (warning): Moderate or with workaround, (info): Low or cosmetic. 


  • (warning)[DA-5485] IPV6 scope link disappear when modifying/create route
  • (error) [DA-4076] Change Primary IP drop VIP linked to this device


  • (error) [DA-4857] Filename cannot be empty when importing certificate from ZIP file

  • (error) [DA-5243] SSL flag lost in URL Mapping after Export/Import CSV

  • (warning) [DA-4900] Acceptable CA Certificate cannot be reset to none in tunnel ssl conf
  • (warning) [DA-2773] Need apply notifications is missing when updating tunnel's certificate


  • (error) [DA-4848] cpu graph does not derive correctly over time
  • (warning) [DA-4852] Security log filter doesn't work with %
  • (warning) [DA-5409] Metric ntpservers.value error
  • (warning) [DA-5897] Windows sizing
  • (warning) [DA-2773] "Set as default" button is not greyed out and unavailable when selects default security update
  • (error) [DA-4943] Ramdisk size metric not updated
  • (warning) [DA-5214] Scaling problem in CPU graph Swing GUI
  • (warning) [DA-4688] SSL radio button inconsistence in SWF
  • (warning) [DA-5238] Graph CPU is not at the same scale when updating from > 5.5.7
  • (info) [DA-4520] Snapshot order list is inverted
  • (warning) [DA-5962] Insert new line in SWF parameters
  • (warning) [DA-2437] Restore focus table failed
  • (info) [DA-4501] Table right click behaviour


  • (warning) [DA-4871] Beeshell route command doesn't allow to change route on managed
  • (warning) [DA-5895] SNI with trailing dot not recognized
  • (warning) [DA-4343] Restore iBox does not restore hosts entries

Identified problems, failures and limitations


100% CPU load problem

An increase of the CPU load up to 100% can occur on Power Edge R220 in some cases. If the problem occurs on one of your server, install the following fix by uploading the file in the i-Suite GUI in "Setup > i-Boxes > box > i-Box Settings > Utils > Support debug script".

CPU Load fix

Deprecated EXPORT ciphers in OpenSSL

Export ciphers are now deprecated since OpenSSL 1.0.1m. Update can't be done if these ciphers are not removed.

SSL accelerator cards

Hardware acceleration (models IS4*00, IS5*00 and IS8*00) must be disabled (Reverse Proxies settings). If it is not disabled, SSL performance can be reduced by up to 60%. This new version takes advantage of the encryption capabilities of CPUs that are equivalent or superior to the performance of the cryptography cards. SSL accelerator cards can also lead to a child segfault issue on the Reverse Proxy. Moreover, SSL accelerator cards manufactured by Broadcom are no longer supported since version 5.4.0. Only Cavium cards are compatible with this version.

Ambiguous report for raid and power supply status

On 2100 server, RAID status could be misleading when a disk is in fault.

  • This version cannot be installed on hardware (or virtual machines) with 32-bit CPUs. The installation process will abort.
  • (warning) The procedure Changing the IP administration of i-Box via BeeShell must be followed by a reboot (reboot command) of the i-Box for the connection can be established on the new IP.
  • (warning) [BW-2213] - Configuration overwrite if Credential repository and Authentication server have the same name.
  • (warning) [BW-2015] - SSH daemon, SNMP deamon, DNS and Hosts sections of i-Box configuration are not activated after restore.
    The workaround consists in opening the i‑Box modification dialog after restoring and validating the configuration.
  • (warning) [BW-1750] - "HTTP Basic Authentication - Custom Learning" doesn't support non-UTF8 encoding
  • (warning) [BW-1317] - Credential learning does not work when backend is sending back gzip/deflate
  • (info) [BW-2209] - Scheduled task: reports are generated in english despite french setting
  • (info) [BW-2096] - Large request headers won't be logged in security logs
    When a request contains an attack and the header size is large (near 64K), the alert is not logged in the Security Logs. 
  • (info) [BW-1126] - Labels are lost after restoring items
  • (info) [BW-1076] - Failed scheduled task not reported in event log

Installation procedure

Please note this update can not be uninstalled

Before installing this version, back up any work that is in progress. Generate and download a backup of all the i‑Boxes.

  1. Check that the i‑Box cluster is running on the beeware-os-5.5.11 version
  1. Download the latest Administration Interface (5.5.12) from
  2. Log into the Management i‑Box with the new Interface.
  3. Download the beeware-os 5.5.12 RSE file to the i‑Box.
  4. Back up all the configurations and download the backup file.
  5. Select the Management i‑Box and click “Install”.

    The Management i‑Box must be updated first, before updating the managed i‑Box.
  6. The installation process will automatically reboot the i‑Box.
  7. Repeat stages 5 and 6 for each managed i‑Box, if there are any.
  8. Perform an Apply (with Cold Restart selected) on all the configurations.

Uninstall procedure

  1. Start uninstall all managed i-Boxes. Select a managed i‑Box; click Uninstall.
  2. The i-Box is reboot automatically.
  3. Repeat stages 1 and 2 for all managed i-Boxes.
  4. Repeat stages 1 and 2 for the Management i-Box. The administration console will be disconnected.
  5. After Management i-Box reboot, log into the Management i-Box, and perform an Apply (with Cold Restart selected) on all the configurations.

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