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What happened?

New OpenSSL versions 1.0.2h and 1.0.1t have been published on 3rd May, 2016, to correct two high and several low vulnerabilities.

Source : https://www.openssl.org/news/secadv/20160503.txt

Details of the vulnerabilities

CVE-2016-2108: Memory corruption in the ASN.1 encoder (high)

This new issue affects the ASN.1 parser that can misinterpret a large universal tag as a negative zero value and lead to memory corruption.

The vulnerability can only be triggered with a combination of a second bug on the ASN.1 parser fixed in April 2015. If a zero value was represented as negative integer in the ASN.1 parser, a buffer underflow with an out-of-bounds write was triggered. At the time, the impact was not known.

DenyAll Statement: Impacted products are

  • i-Suite 5.5.6 LTS and earlier
  • rWeb and earlier

CVE-2016-2107: Padding oracle in AES-NI CBC MAC check (high)

A padding oracle attack has been found on connection using AES CBC cipher with a server supporting AES-NI. This attack can allow man-in-the-middle attackers to decrypt the traffic.

DenyAll Statement: All configurations using AES CBC ciphers are impacted. The workaround is to use AES GCM ciphers.

CVE-2016-2105 and CVE-2016-2106: EVP_EncodeUpdate overflow (low)

A flow has been discovered in the EVP_EncodeUpdate() function used for Base64 encoding of binary data. By sending a large amounts of input data, an attacker can overflow a length check triggering a head corruption.

DenyAll Statement: Products are not affected.

CVE-2016-2109: ASN.1 BIO excessive memory allocation (low)

This minor flaw affect ASN.1 BIO functions (like d2i_CMS_bio()). It can trigger memory exhausting by sending an invalid encoding. An attacker can use this flow to potentially crash the remote system with a denial of service.

The advisory also indicates that TLS applications are not affected:

Any application parsing untrusted data through d2i BIO functions is affected. The memory based functions such as d2i_X509() are not affected. Since the memory based functions are used by the TLS library, TLS applications are not affected.

DenyAll Statement: All configurations are affected except those using TLS only but the impact is low, It needs a client or server certificate containing some gigabytes field (e.g. CommonName), which should never happen.

CVE-2016-2176: EBCDIC overread (low)

The ASN.1 X509_NAME_oneline() function, in EBCDIC systems, can return arbitrary data by taking a ASN.1 string over 1024 bits.

DenyAll Statement: Products are not affected.

Products statement

DenyAll pays attention to the AES-NI CBC Padding oracle attack that impact all DenyAll products.

We will provide as soon as possible an OpenSSL update for the following product:

  • DenyAll WAF 6.1: update available on my.denyall.com in the Tech Support then Download section.
  • i-Suite 5.5.9 LTS: update available on my.denyall.com in the Tech Support then Download section.
  • rWeb to 4.2.1: update available on my.denyall.com in the Tech Support then Download section.
  • Vulnerability Manager 6.1: update available. In the administration interface, go to Configuration and Check for updates.

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