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Web Services nodes require a WSF license.

XML handling nodes are based on XML Document-type Workflow attributes. This type of attribute is created as output of the XML parsing node. Character strings are generated from XML documents automatically as needed.

When using a “Generate response” node, for example, the XML document is serialized to create text content that is usable as a response body.

Note on various XML nodes:

  1. The “XML Decrypt” “XML Encrypt”, “XML Sign”, “XML Signature Verify” and “XML Modify” nodes provide err_message, failure and nb_nodes attributes (preceded by the name of the node, e.g. “xml.sign.failure” or “xml.modify.nb_nodes”).
    The failure attribute (Boolean) will be set to “True” if a processing error occurs. The err_message attribute will then be filled in to provide a message about the error that was raised.
    The nb_nodes attribute indicates the number of nodes affected by this XML node.
  2. Pay attention to namespaces. An error of the type “<EXCEPTION>: Xml error [XPath] (Invalid expression\n)” is often due to a namespace problem.
  3. It is highly recommended that you specify the encoding in the XML header when it is known. The XML entered in the GUI will be encoded in UTF8.

Available nodes

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